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MX95 Casette Filters
MX95 Casette Filters
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Cassette Filters

• Constructed to withstand humidity, high velocities and turbulence

• Light-weight, all plastic frame is constructed of halogen-free plastic that eliminates any risk of corrosion or oxidation as found in metal constructed products.

• High strength glass fiber paper is manufactured from proprietary special moisture resistant inhibitors that resists moisture penetration

• Media pack is potted on all four sides to eliminate air bypass around the media pack

• Plastic protection grids on the upstream and downstream side eliminate punctures or tears of the pleated media during handling and installation

• Proprietary conical pleat geometry eliminates any obstruction to air flow throughout the media pack, ensuring low pressure drop, even dirt loading and high dust holding capacity

• Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity

• UL 900 Class 2

• Temperature Resistance: Continuous 160 degrees Fahrenheit, peaks at 175 degrees ferinheight