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F6 Canister Filters
F6 Canister Filters
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Canister Filters

• Designed specifically for use in gas turbine inlet air systems.

• Provides exceptionally low pressure drop at high efficiency levels.

• These filter cartridges provide an optimized ratio between filtering area, fold depth and number of folds and the filter media is sufficiently rigid to prevent the folds from collapsing even at high pressure drops.

• Synthetic media satisfies the mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements for the most sophisticated turbine inlet systems.

• These depth loading cartridge filters are especially powerful when dust concentrations are low and/or the dusts concerned are highly adhesive.

•The progressively structured depth loading filter media stores the dust in the depths of the media, thus providing optimized filtration performance along with a low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity.

• The filter element features Cathodic Electro-phoretically Deposited Paint (EDP) coated steel to eliminate the risk of rust and/or corrosion.

• Synthetic filter media is 100% resistant to moisture providing high operational reliability, even in foggy and rainy conditions.

• Constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence.

• Pulse version includes EDP coated external wire cage.

• Available in sizes/lengths from 22 - 40 inches.