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About Us
About Us

In business for over 12 years, Advanced Filtration Concets (AFC) provides new and innovative GT power alternatives, cooling solutions and filtration products and services for the GT/CC industry. Specifically geared for the power industry, AFC offers a FREE state-of-the-art computer model or “Life Cycle Analysis” of your facility.

AFC is a distributor and manufacturer's representative for GT Power alternatives, GT cooling solutions and GT inlet air filters. Our pricing is competitive and our service is exceptional.

The AFC Difference

AFC has over 15 years of experience in high quality, gas turbine inlet air filtration systems
AFC is the largest stocking air filter distributor in the United States of high efficiency products
AFC provides a combination of the highest-efficient, lowest-resistant, longest-lasting air filters
Same day delivery available for selected areas
Turnkey installation available.

Our Services

Highly Trained Service Crew

•Composed of highly skilled, qualified, and professional technicians
•Provide reductions to your manpower shortfalls and time restraints
•Resolve problems associated with incorrect installations, such as improper alignment and sealing
•Provide reputable service and maintenance to protect your valued investment

Inlet Inspection
•Include quarterly inspections and testing as part of the annual Maintenance Contract
•Average one day turn-around
•Provide visual inspections for proper installation, filter cleanliness, rusty frames, leak paths, damage, and proper yolk and clip assembly
•Examine the clean side of the inlet house to ensure contaminants do not flow downstream
•Include a full detailed report and recommendations
•Help keep filter systems running at optimal performance and at the original manufacturer's specifications

Filter Testing
•Skilled technicians remove and test dirty filters from your inlet house to determine remaining life
•Air Flow, Dirt Load, DP, and Media Degradation test reports inform you when it is time to replace filters

Filter Removal and Replacement Service
•Change-Out Plans are formulated to meet your specified goals and timeframe
•Skilled technicians systematically install filters as needed
•Careful consideration and review is given to ensure perfect alignment, proper tightness, and a faultless sealing on the tube sheet to avoid filter bypass
•Ensure turbines will not be subject to premature fowling of your turbine's rotor

Evaporative Cooling Media Replacement
•Guarantees Cel-Dek media deterioration inspection, proper caulking, and proper spacing of Cel-Dek and Drift Eliminator
•Includes testing of Distribution Header
•Ensures sump components, pump and orifices are working properly
•Includes annual inspections to ensure optimal cooling performance and alert you of any deterioration

Evaporative Cooler Commissioning
•Includes full inspection of your system to ensure all is safe and working properly
•Experienced technicians conduct necessary repairs annually, and perform dry run and wet run testing as part of the Maintenance Contract
•Provides sump/pump/meter tune-up, as well as evaluation and replacement of seals, gaskets, and caulking